The final numbers are in. I posted a few weeks ago and went through some of the numbers for this year’s training. Here’s the updated stats now that race day is tomorrow.

  • Weeks of training: 18
  • Total number of training runs: 74
  • Total time spent running: 69 hours
  • Total kilometres run: 792.0km
  • Average run distance: ~10.7km/run

Three straight 200km+ months

I did end up making it three 200km months in a row this year, starting in February. That’s a big deal for me as in past years I’ve generally only done a single month over 200km in the four months of training. A couple of years ago I did a “March to 200km” training goal and that was (I think) the first time I’d ever done over 200km in a single month.

Here’s the final numbers: