Family workouts are becoming a thing at our house. We’re trying to all get out at least once or twice a week to get some physical activity in.

Tonight it was over at Variety Village where we’ve held a family membership for five or six years now. Mac is old enough to use some of the cardio equipment now and enjoys the elliptical machine. Lindsey is still too little for that, but there’s a 200m indoor track that is perfect for her to run on.

While Ginny was on the treadmill putting in her miles, I ran 2.2km with Lindsey on the track. She’s doing really well and that distance is nothing special for her. She’s signed up for the Toronto Women’s 5km later this summer.

I didn’t get a quality run in, but that’s fine with me. I’m still taking it easy after the marathon 10 days ago and this summer is all about Ginny’s training.