After a pretty long wait, Dailymile has launched an official iPhone app and it’s awesome.

DailymileI’ve been part of the beta testing phase for the app for a few months now and I’m glad to finally be free to tell everyone about it and also to have my friends download and start using it.

Having an app for Dailymile on my phone led to much more interaction for me. I expect a similar effect now that many more people will have the app. Being able to quickly check on your friends activities and then like, or post an encouraging comment is much easier as you don’t need to log on to the site on the web.

The app is split into a few sections:

The activity feed

Comments and likes on your activity feed
Comments and likes on your activity feed
This is the familiar list of workouts by you and your friends, in chronological order starting with the most recent. You can see all the usual Dailymile metrics – distance, pace, time and the “feeling”. The app also adds weather information for your run including the conditions and temperature. Neat!

You can quickly add a “like” to any post. There’s nine different types of quick feedback that ranges from the usual “Like it” to “Love it” and some quirkier ones like “Cheers” and “Rock on”. They’ve even included a sad face for those updates that you want to acknowledge, but don’t like (injured, sick, had a bad run, etc.).

I really like the quick icons here that let you give some encouragement beyond a simple like. I love pointing out that a friend has rocked a run, or that I’m bummed they are dealing with an injury but I don’t always want to leave a comment. I think Dailymilers will really take to this.


Easily add a comment
Easily add a comment
The input box on the comment screen says, “Say something encouraging” which is a nice touch and reminds you that comments are an effective way to provide some positive feedback to your running friends. Good stuff and an example of the level of detail that was paid to every part of the app experience.

Comments are a huge aspect of Dailymile and I believe that having the ability to quickly leave a comment via a mobile app will lead to a huge increase in engagement, especially in terms of encouragement through comments.

Profile screen

Your profile page with at-a-glance stats
Your profile page with at-a-glance stats
I love this section. Tap on the little person icon at the bottom and you get a screen dedicated to you. Your current avatar is shown along with some hexagonal icons that show things like how many photos you’ve posted this week, how far you’ve run, your current streak and average pace. If you tap and drag down on your avatar, you can reveal all the different icons. Pulling up on the avatar reveals an activity feed of just your workouts.

I love the quick metrics here, specifically things like the streak counter and also the way photos are better surfaced. I bet we’ll see more photos and notes posted to Dailymile in the next little bit as people adopt the app.


Weekly or monthly activities and stats
Weekly or monthly activities and stats
The little bar graph icon reveals a stats screen that shows either the last week or last month of activities (your choice). The workouts animate in nicely and you can swipe back through previous weeks or months. Once nice touch here is the difference indicator that shows how your week or month compared to the previous period.

Like the analytics on the Dailymile website, these stats charts give you a quick visual progress indicator. The animations on this section are really slick too, as is the ability to go back in time and review past weeks or months.

GPS tracking

The built-in GPS run tracker
The built-in GPS run tracker
There are a couple of ways to add workouts to Dailymile. One is manually. You can add in your time and distance and the app calculates the pace for you. You can add the usual note and also how you felt.

But where Dailymile really rocks is that there’s a complete GPS tracker built in. I tested it on a few runs alongside my Garmin watch and found it to be quite good. It taps into the GPS on your iPhone and provides a way to do some basic tracking of your run. I think it’s a great option for runners who don’t want to mess with an expensive running watch, but want to have an accurate record of where they ran along with the distance, time and pace.

You can’t export GPX or TCX files, so it’s a bit limited compared to something like a Garmin watch, but I think a lot of runners will find it more than adequate.

Other stuff

There’s a few other features worth mentioning:

  • Routines: this is a new feature of the app (coming soon to the web as well). You can put together a workout routine that consists of multiple activities. Think run, bike swim or even workouts like 10 minutes of weights, 15 minutes on the rowing machine and a 3km run on the treadmill.
  • Photos: you can take and upload photos right from the app to be included with your workouts and on your activity feed. It’s a great option for #proveit posts or sweaty selfies and for capturing the scenery on your runs.
  • Notes: Dailymile can be a full fitness blog and the notes feature allows you to add a non-workout post to your feed quickly and easily.

I know there’s a few more things planned for both the app and also for the Dailymile service in general. If the new app is any indication, the million or so Dailymile users will have some great new stuff to enhance their experience over the next little bit.

Dailymile on the iTunes App Store