How did your last long, 32km run before the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon go?

If it went well, then take the confidence that comes with a solid long run and put it towards your race day in three weeks. If it went badly, file it away under “experience” and remember that race day is a new day.

It’s just another run

It’s easy to make this last long run into more than it really deserves to be. You’ll have crowds to support you on race day, plus some extra energy in the form of adrenaline. There was none of that today; instead it was just you and the run, and maybe a running buddy or two.

Good last long runs are real confidence boosters. If you had a great one today, remember what you did to make it happen, and repeat it in three weeks.

If it wasn’t great, you can still take lots from this run. Was your pre-run prep was everything it needed to be? Did you wear the right clothes and avoid any chafing or other issues that could be even worse over 42.2km? How was your fuelling? Did you take enough fluids and gels along the way to avoid feeling sluggish or lacking in energy?

Take a good look at anything that didn’t quite go right and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes in three weeks. Add some Body Glide or tape to any areas that got irritated. And if you fell behind in your gel intake or felt some stomach upset, make the adjustments.

Don’t forget to learn from the positives too. There’s always good things to find in any run and whether your run was mostly good, mostly bad, or something in between, don’t overlook the stuff that went your way. Maybe you owned a hill, or felt strong at the end. Or maybe it all clicked and it all felt so easy. Remember the good stuff on race day and try to repeat it.

Training is coming to an end

The hard work of training is now done. Over the next few weeks, ease it back and focus on starting to rest and prepare for your race. The next Sunday run is only 23km and then the taper really starts. There’s not much left to gain, and a lot to lose now. Be careful, avoid doing anything foolish and focus on arriving at the start line healthy and ready to run.